Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bug Update

I don't know what happened, but everything went downhill yesterday afternoon.

At noon, I found out we have termites in our garage. Scot came home from Chicago and, while looking around for termites, discovered there is fungus growing in our crawl space under the house. Our garage door opener broke, so we couldn't close our garage door last night. Then, Scot tried to fill the air in our bike tires this morning, and the inner tube broke.

Not to mention, Scot (accidentally) broke our big stroller a couple weeks ago. Oh, and our fridge is making some weird noises too. Sounds like a Clark Griswold movie, right??


Thankfully, God has everything under control. Even when it seems like a tornado to us.

Our garage door opener is still under warranty, so the guy came out to fix it at 7:00am this morning - free of charge. The pest control guy came at 8:00am for a free inspection, and they are going to spray around the house to get rid of the fungus and termites next week - a discount for both. And the best part? The termites are centrally located in the garage and nowhere else. There is no other damage from what he could see.

Thank the Lord.

Maybe our termite problem is a good thing. Maybe we wouldn't have seen the fungus in our crawl space in time. Or, maybe we just needed a good laugh. Who knows?

But, God does and that's enough for me. We'll continue to cling to Him every step of the way. Termites and all. Ready to battle the next problem that comes along.

Move over, Griswolds. Here we come!

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