Saturday, March 6, 2010

A typical day

Here's a rundown of a typical day in our house.

6:30am - Jake wakes up, eats breakfast set out the night before, and gets ready for school on his own. He is an early riser and is great in the morning!
6:45am - Scot and I both wake up.
7:00am - I drive Jake to school, while Scot finishes getting ready for work.
7:30am - Scot leaves for work. And then I have free time where I eat breakfast, check e-mails, read some blogs, and do my devotions before Brooklyn wakes up. On days when I'm feeling lazy or really tired, I sometimes go back to bed.
8:30am-ish - Brooklyn wakes up. She is usually our late sleeper. She sometimes wakes up as early as 7:30, but she can also sleep as late as 9:00. I love that!
9:00am - I fix Brooklyn's breakfast, then I get her dressed and ready for the day.
9:30am - Brooklyn watches morning cartoons. I often use this time to shower and get ready.
10:00am - Playtime. Sometimes we play with Play-doh, paint, dress-up, do puzzles, color and build with Legos. On some days, we have doctor's appointments. MOPS meetings and Steering committee meetings are on Mondays. Storytime is on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. And Bible study is on Thursday mornings. We also meet with friends for playdates. I do housework throughout the day whenever I can.
12:00pm - Lunch, clean-up time.
1:00pm - Run errands.
2:30pm - Pick up Jake from school.
3:00pm - Snack time, homework time, tutoring with Jake. Sometimes we play games or play outside after school work is done.
4:30-5:00pm - Prep for dinner.
5:30-6:00pm - Dinner. Scot gets home from work around this time. We usually eat dinner as a family on most days, but every once in awhile I'll go ahead and feed the kids before Scot gets home.
6:00pm - Down time. Scot plays with the kids before baths.
6:30-7:00pm - Bath time.
7:00pm - Jake reads in bed for 30 minutes or we'll do family devotions. We read books to Brooklyn every night.
7:30pm - Bed time for both kids. I sing songs and we say prayers with the kids.
8:00-11:00pm - Scot works on orders with our Ebay business. I finish cleaning up the kitchen, make lunches and prep breakfast for the next day, run dishwasher and put in a load of laundry if needed, send e-mails, do some blogging, read or watch TV before bed. Sometimes I do my grocery shopping during this time too.
11:00-midnight - Scot and I go to bed. Some nights it's later, but we try to get in bed by 11:00.

I'm trying to fit in more time to work out at the Y on a regular basis. I really want to be healthy and get more exercise. I just need to get motivated.

Brooklyn no longer takes naps every day, so I try to wear her out as much as I can during the day. It works out well because the kids are ready to go to sleep early and we have some time to ourselves.

Scot and I have date night at least twice a week. We put the kids to bed and eat dinner alone while watching a Netflix movie or a show on DVR. We always look forward to those special nights as a couple.

I love my days as a stay-at-home mom. It may be busy, but I wouldn't change my life for the world.

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