Saturday, February 6, 2010

Busy girl

Here's just another one of Brooklyn's messes that I discovered yesterday.

I took one look at this and could have killed her. I wish I was joking. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Brooklyn figured out how to open Jake's bedroom door, climbed up on his chair, grabbed the big bag of markers off his desk and unzipped the bag of markers. All by herself. While I was in the shower for 10 minutes. 10 minutes, people!

Talk about skills. Or, something like that.

She colored on the couch, the carpet and her entire body - from head to toe. She even colored on the bottoms of her feet!

As soon as I caught her in the act, she quickly started cleaning up and put the markers away. It was if she was saying, "See, Mom? That wasn't me!"

How nice of her.

She had lots of fun. Can't you tell?

And yes, those are washable markers. Thank God! Although, we're still having a difficult time getting it out of the upholstery on our couch. 100% washable, not so much.

Earlier in the week, she dumped an entire box of Q-tips on the floor, emptied a new tissue box all over the house and unzipped a bag of crayons during her supposed nap time and poured them all over her bed. And don't forget about the toilet paper incident the other day.


Guess we're on to a whole new stage, folks. I'm totally not prepared for this.

Babies R Us here we come! Maybe childproof locks will help. One can only hope in times like these.


  1. OH, yes! Been there, oh too often! At least they were washable! I have a few stories about Sharpies! It is not a fun experience at all, but will be quite memorable ;)

  2. That is so frustrating, but the pictures are hilarious! I have one of these too! Just the other day I walked out of the room and came back in moments later and she had decorated the wall and the front door. I dont' know where she found the crayon. Little stinker! Have you ever tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? It has been a miracle product in removing decorations from our walls etc.


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