Thursday, January 21, 2010

Surgery update

LAST UPDATE as of 11:10pm:

I am finally home for the night. I stayed with Scot at the hospital on and off this afternoon and evening. The ICU has pretty strict visiting hours, but the kind nurses let me stay a little longer than usual. Scot is becoming more alert and his pain is increasing. He had a panic attack as he was first rousing from the anesthesia, but we were able to calm him down with some meds. He hates being hooked up to all the tubes and cords, and the bed is very uncomfortable. He is really looking forward to coming home tomorrow.

I am tired. I miss my husband and my kids. It's so quiet here at home.

I pray that Scot gets some rest tonight. And I pray that God gives him the strength to get through tomorrow. The nurse said the second day after surgery is always the worst. I'm hoping for the best, though.

UPDATE as of 2:10pm:

They just moved Scot out of recovery and into his room in ICU. I saw him for a brief minute while they were transporting him and he was asleep. The nurse said his pain is under control for now and he's doing well. He will be staying at the hospital overnight and will be discharged tomorrow.

UPDATE as of 1:15pm:

Scot is out of surgery and in the recovery room. Dr. Paffrath said the surgery went well. In laymen's terms, he cleaned out his front sinus cavities, straightened his nose, removed his tonsils and uvula. He originally thought the uvula would need to be trimmed, but he ended up removing the uvula altogether due to a lack of space in his throat. Scot suffers from sleep apnea, so Dr. Paffrath said his breathing should be greatly improved.

Scot is in a lot of pain right now but he is doing good. Praise God!

UPDATE as of 10:34am:

Scot has been in surgery for about an hour now. We woke up at 5am and got at the hospital at 6:30. His surgery was scheduled for 8:30, but they were running an hour late this morning. Scot was very nervous. And I have to admit I was pretty nervous too. It's hard to see someone you love get wheeled into the OR for major surgery. I would rather have surgery myself.

The surgeon said the surgery should last about 3-4 hours. Thankfully, the hospital has free wi-fi so I'm hanging out in the waiting room with some books and my laptop.

Thanks for your prayers. I'll update more later.

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