Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surgery tomorrow

Well, the time has finally come. Scot is having surgery tomorrow at 8:30am. They are removing his tonsils, fixing his deviated septum, trimming his uvula and removing part of his soft palette. From what we've been told, he is going to be in a ton of pain. Poor guy.

We knew this time was coming, so we've been trying to get a lot of stuff done beforehand. The soups and casseroles are already made and in the freezer. We got a Sam's Club membership and stocked up on paper products, snacks and food that should last us for at least a month or more, including all the stuff that Scot will need after surgery. I got both kids haircuts and the oil in the van has been changed. I cleaned the house and got caught up on laundry. Well, I'm still getting there. Wherever there is. Scot temporarily closed our ebay business for several weeks and finished up with the remaining orders last night. And I've got the kids' bags packed and ready to go. Jacob is staying with his friend, Michael, for a couple days and Brooklyn is off to Grammy and Papa's.

In the midst of all this, I drove 400-some miles to and from Louisville so Jacob could visit his dad over the weekend. I picked him up on Monday afternoon and he was not in good spirits. I could tell it was not a good visit. Jacob said he spent two days and one night at the babysitters' apartment. He didn't spend any time with his dad. And to top it off, his dad told him they were moving. Again.

Jacob is so sad that his dad is moving again. He suspects his dad will get divorced again at some point. He says he knows the pattern now and it scares him. I told Jacob that this is his dad. His dad will probably never change. And I told Jacob that one day he will just have to accept who his dad really is.

We know that God is bigger than us. We know He has a plan and He is allowing these things to happen for a reason. So, we will continue to pray for Jacob and his dad like crazy. He alone gives us hope for the future. And I know God will get us through.

Please keep Jacob in your prayers. Pray for the surgeon performing Scot's surgery and that all will go well. And pray for Scot's recovery at home.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Lord knows we need them!

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