Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's Up Tuesday?

We started the morning off with some tutoring. I met with Jacob's teacher at school a couple weeks ago, and she recommended that we work on Jacob's reading and comprehension, handwriting skills, and overall attitude at school. Outside tutoring is too expensive for us right now, so I'm doing some tutoring on my own. I bought a couple of workbooks and writing paper from the teacher store, picked out some chapter books from the library and we're off! I plan to tutor Jacob for an hour three times a week, but we'll see how it goes. Day One of tutoring went really well, though. I was pleased.

The kids played bumper cars with the laundry basket. Who knew a laundry basket could be so much fun?

Dec 310
Dec 311
Dec 313
Dec 308

I took Brooklyn to the doctor for the second day in a row. She had a fever and a horrible cough, which seemed worse than yesterday. The flu test and strep test came out negative, so we're doing our best to nurse her cold as best as we can. I just hate seeing her sick.

We dropped off several tins of Christmas goodies to our family and neighbors close-by. Most of our neighbors around us are older, and it was amazing to see how our goodies and visit just made their day.

*The tins contained snickerdoodles, chocolate crackle cookies, peanut butter blossoms, butterscotch haystacks, sugar cookies and buckeyes. I think there was plenty to go around.

Brooklyn got her first "shiner." She ran around the family room with Jacob's binoculars in her hands, and well, I guess you can figure out the rest. She definitely keeps me on my toes!

Dec 320

Scot took care of Brooklyn when he got home, so Jacob and I had a baking party. I helped him build a gingerbread house, while he did all the decorating. We had so much fun.

Dec 324

The finished masterpiece. Isn't it beautiful?

Dec 334

We also baked some more cut-out sugar cookies. And this time, it was a success! I loved the new cookie recipe and the royal icing turned out great. Jacob and I took our time baking the cookies and decorating them how we wanted. Jacob told me, "This is so much fun! I really like baking with you."

Does it get any better than that?

Dec 332


Dec 331

The messy aftermath. But, so worth it in the end.

Dec 327

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