Sunday, December 27, 2009

Missing him

Today we drove Jacob to the half-way point in Kentucky and dropped him off with his dad for the week...er, actually, his grandma. Jacob was uneasy and a little worried about the trip because he didn't know who was picking him up. He doesn't know which days his dad will be working. And he doesn't know where he will be staying on those days when his dad is working. But, he is excited about seeing his dad.

His dad promised to spend time with him by taking him bowling or to a movie, but Jacob told me he doesn't believe him. I had to tell him to expect that his dad probably won't spend time with him during the week, so maybe he won't be as upset when he gets home.

Heavy, heavy stuff for a 7 year old to take in.

Praying for Jacob's safety this week. Praying that Jacob and his dad will spend quality time together. Praying for a week of fun. Praying that Jacob's heart will be protected in the palm of His hand during the visit and when he comes home. Praying that God will fill the empty hole in Jacob's heart that only He can fill.

In the meantime, he will be missed. Funny faces and all.

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