Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 has been a good year for us.

Last January, Scot got hired on as a permanent employee at his company. The company is great and the people are nice to work with, so it was a win-win there. This was such a HUGE blessing for us, since Scot had been temp-ing all through 2008. A permanent full-time job is a hard thing to come by in this economy, so we are truly grateful.

Our Ebay business has really picked up this year. Scot sells all kinds of Axis and Allies and Star Wars game pieces, books, comics, games, etc. He enjoys what he does, although working in the garage all night can be a big pain in the you-know-what (and cold too!) He makes a lot of sacrifices to take such good care of us. Thank you, babe!

I have been able to stay home with the kids this year, which has just been awesome! I love being with the kids and picking up Jacob from school every day. Scot and I have switched our schedules around a bit, so I am taking Jacob to school in the morning. This helps lighten Scot's work load a little, and I am loving having some extra "me" time before Brooklyn wakes up every morning. I enjoy eating my breakfast, sipping chai tea, reading the Word, blogging and catching up on the news all before 8am. It really is a wonderful thing. And this is coming from someone who is NOT a morning person, by the way. Boy, have I changed!

In April of this year, Scot and I decided to sponsor our first child through Compassion International. We had been praying for a way to help children in need and God directed us here. We chose a 4 year old little girl named Kalunda and she is a dear. We send her letters and photos pretty regularly, and we love getting her drawings and letters in the mail. We hope to add more needy children to our family one day, so we'll see what God has in store for us next year. 

I joined a MOPS group in the area this year. It's been neat to meet other women who are in the same season of life right now. Some days are great, and some days are not-so-great. These ladies are great role models and fun to be around. I'm really looking forward to getting to know them more next year.

Jacob entered the second grade and turned 7 years old this year. This school year has been a difficult one for him, but we're helping him through. He doesn't have as many friends in his class and the work has been a lot harder than first grade. But, he's adjusting and doing well as long as he has some little pushes along the way. He has become one slick bowler through his bowling league this year. And he's lost a total of 7 teeth. The Tooth Fairy has been very busy!

Brooklyn has gone from the baby stage to the "terrible two's" stage in no time! She is a little sweetheart, although she is testing her limits and learning her boundaries on most days. It is a very tiring stage, but it is a riot too. She is such a sponge. She is literally learning something new every day. She is now talking in some two-word sentences, which is just amazing to me. She is constantly singing, too. It has been a lot of fun watching her grow this year, yet sometimes it makes me sad to think how fast those baby days have gone. 

Scot's Nana got really sick and went to be with Jesus in October this year. She was the last living grandparent in his family. Scot had always been really close to his Nana, so he took it pretty hard. We stayed with her every summer for our family vacations in Florida the last few years, so our summer trips will never be the same. But, we know she is in a MUCH better place right now. Thank you, Jesus!

We've had a court-free year in 2009. Now, that's something to celebrate! I think this is the first year since Scot and I have been married that we haven't had to go to court for something. And we're enjoying every second of it!

On the same note, we've driven over 8,500 miles this year to and from Kentucky so Jacob could visit his dad every month. No speeding tickets. No car accidents. God has really watched over us this year. It has been a sacrifice and a lot of work on our part, but it's been totally worth it. We know this is what God wants us to do. And we know it's important for Jacob to spend time with his dad, so we'll do whatever it takes to keep it up. It's just amazing to see how God has energized us enough to make these long drives throughout the year. Well, I guess the caffeine doesn't hurt either.

The biggest thing Scot and I have learned this year is how to put our trust in God and God alone. There are difficult things we have gone through and are still going through that we don't understand, but we know without a doubt that God has a plan. He allows certain things to happen in our lives for a reason. We don't always like it or know what to do, but our faith is getting stronger and we're learning what it means to fully trust Him. No matter what. 

What a journey, 2009.

Looking forward to the many blessings ahead in 2010. 

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