Thursday, November 5, 2009

Driving lessons

Here are some random thoughts, tips and lessons I've learned from our recent road trips.

1. Do not eat at any restaurant with the name King Buffet. You never know what animal you may be eating. Scary!

2. Did you know there are 'Used Cows For Sale' in Kentucky? What constitutes a used cow versus a fresh cow? I'll let you ponder on that one.

3. Do not use the bathrooms at Sears. They are dirty, smelly and the toilet paper is nowhere to be found. Not a good situation to be in. Especially with a toddler.

4. Potty training in public restrooms is so overrated.

5. You can buy a delicious cheeseburger dog on a stick for only $1.29 at Pilot gas stations. Who knew?

6. You can also find a variety of specialty gift items at gas stations, such as electronic cigarettes. Is everything electronic nowadays?

7. Color Wonder markers work great for keeping little ones entertained in the car. Except when they lose the caps. Then it's a game of hide and seek.

8. Did you know you can get tattoos 'while you wait' at Tattoo Charlies in Kentucky? I didn't know there was any other way to get one.

9. Target has the nicest, cleanest bathrooms in town. Hands down.

10. Do not eat and drive with Taco Bell in your lap. Unless you want the car to look like Taco Hell when you're done.

11. Sitting in construction traffic is the perfect time to do a personal manicure. Just sit back and relax.

And lastly -

12. A portable DVD player is the best invention. Ever.

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