Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Almost 2

I am 12 days shy of turning 2 and look what I can do.

I can drink juice from my straw sippy, hands free.

Nov 092

I can put on the charm and look cute as a button in an instant. See?

Nov 094

I am daring and bold in trying new things. Even when Mommy tells me no.

Nov 096

I can defy Mommy in a heartbeat in my daily quest for Miss Independence.

Nov 097

I am learning to broaden my interests and think outside the box. Coloring is definitely my favorite thing so far.

Nov 105

On the kitchen counter no less.

Nov 103

But, I can be the most adorable...

062009 013


062009 097


062009 101

happy go lucky...

062009 125


062009 139


062009 135

full of life...

062009 025

almost 2 year old little girl you'll ever meet.

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