Sunday, October 4, 2009


Our 2 year old twin nieces and 9 month old nephew spent the night at our house on Friday night. We were starting to think that taking care of 5 kids under the age of 7 was a piece of cake. That was until Keegan threw up all of his bedtime bottle on my pants, the couch and the floor, while I helped Scot diaper, lotion up and dress all 3 little girls in pajamas. And get Jake in the shower. And clean up Keegan, who was now hysterical at that point. Oh, and clean up the mess too. In my underwear, might I add. It was mass chaos in the space of two minutes. But, I digress...

The girls got bored by Saturday afternoon, so we broke out some paint and let 'em at it. Shirtless, that is.

Not bad for Brooklyn's first time painting. She was intense, deliberate and even held the paint brush like a pro.

I love you, Crayola washable paint.
Thank you for saving our day.

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