Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Recent accomplishments in our house:

I have survived 3 birthdays during the month of August.
Lemon cake, ice cream cake and now I'm working on some chocolate chip cheesecake. Whoa, I need to go on a diet just to get through the rest of the month.

Jacob has survived the first 10 days of school.
He misses his friends from last year's class, but he's learning to make new ones. And second grade homework is not his favorite thing. No surprise there. According to Jake, the best part of his day is lunch and recess. Hands down.

I have survived the first 10 days of school.
Sitting in the long car pool line, helping with homework, signing paperwork, packing lunches, setting out breakfast, making sure there are clean clothes each day......sigh, I can DO it!! Only 9 more months to go.

Jacob hasn't wet the bed for the last 10 nights.He has always struggled with bedwetting since he was little, but I think he may have 'turned over a new leaf'. At least we hope it's a start. We're so proud of him! Adios, GoodNites.

I have been working out at the Y 3 times a week. Okay, maybe more like once or twice a week. On a good week.
Hey - I've gotta start somewhere, right?

Brooklyn now opens her bedroom door by herself.
I was shocked to find an "intruder" in our family room this morning playing to her heart's content. She definitely thought she was big stuff. I guess naptime is a thing of the past until we get a childproof doorknob installed. Man, are we in trouble!

Scot has survived yet another agonizing "off season".
10 days and 21 hours until kick-off. Roll Tide!

Brooklyn has tested sidewalk chalk and, apparently, it's edible.Who knew?


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  1. That's AWESOME about Jake !!!

    I know his ego got a boost. I didn't know side walk chalk is edible so thank Brooklyn for teaching me that! Ben and Abbie always ook like a chalk bomb went off when they play. It's in their hair, face, back everywhere!

    Happy Birthday! Jessica


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