Sunday, June 14, 2009


We got back from our vacation around 10pm Friday night. Seven whole days in sunny Destin, Florida. Ahh...absolute bliss!

Normally, we stay at Scot's grandma's house in Navarre every summer, but she is getting older and it's difficult for her to have guests stay in her home. So, this year we stayed at Scot's cousin's house in Destin, which was stunning - and free!!

We had an awesome time together with the kids. We went to Gator Beach, the Indian Temple Mound Museum, Billy Bowlegs parade, Big Kahuna's water park, the Air Force Armament Museum, the zoo, the Track, and the beach. Oh, and my favorite part was taking a ride on Dan and Saandra's boat with the kids for a few hours - it was amazing! We also visited several of Scot's relatives down there too.

Overall, the kids were great with adapting to new places and being flexible with their eating and sleeping schedules as much as they could. A 10-12 hour drive is not an easy one and they were troopers - thanks to our handy DVD player in the van!! (Now if I can just get these Elmo and Little Mermaid songs out of my head, I'll be good!)

Yesterday, we unpacked and started the endless mounds of laundry. Oh, and we worked on yard work too.

Yeah, that wasn't the best idea.

I trimmed all 40-some bushes in the front wearing flip-flops and a tank top - and no gloves. (You would have thought I had never done this before.) Needless to say, I got stung by a wasp on my hand. It was terrible pain. Thankfully, Scot helped nurse my hand back to health (as best as possible), then I finished trimming the last couple bushes. Stubborn, I know. Scot raked and cleaned up the mess too. What a guy.

Welcome home!

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