Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day weekend {2009}

Yesterday I drove Jacob to Louisville and dropped him off with his dad to spend the weekend in Ohio. I didn't get home until almost 11pm last night, so I was pretty tired. Thankfully, Brooklyn was able to stay at Grammy's house for a few hours until Scot got off from work.

When I got home, Scot surprised me and had candles lit in the bathroom and a hot bath waiting. It was absolutely wonderful!!! Then, he told me that he would get up with Brookie in the morning and let me sleep in. I love my husband.

Well, that was a nice thought anyway...

Brooklyn woke up very early with a rash all over her body. Turns out she had an extreme eczema flare-up, which we think resulted from rolling around on freshly cleaned carpets at Grammy's house. That's the only thing we could think of anyway. But, that's eczema for you, always something new.

We gave her a bath and lathered her up with Aveeno lotion and prescription cortisone cream all over and she is doing much better now. The redness and rash are almost gone - thank goodness!

I was so tired today that I fell asleep during Brooklyn's nap this afternoon. Little did I know I would sleep for 4 hours!! Scot was awesome and took care of Brookie so I could sleep. I felt like I was on vacation.

Tomorrow, Brooklyn and I are going to drive to Louisville to pick up Jake from his dad's. (Hopefully, her rash will be totally gone by the morning). I am going to miss spending Father's Day with my hubby, but at least he will be able to have the day to himself to do whatever he'd like. That's part of my Father's Day gift to him.

Happy Father's Day, babe! Thank you for being such a great husband and father to our kids. We appreciate you and all the work that you do.

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