Saturday, May 16, 2009

Upcoming surgery

Scot has had breathing issues for a long time...at least as long as I've known him. He has a difficult time breathing during the day and he stops breathing many times during the night...scary!

Thankfully, he finally decided to get it checked out.

He went to the ENT doctor and they had him do a sleep study on Thursday night. He had belts strapped around his stomach, chest, and leg and a bunch of stuff attached to his head. He didn't get much sleep that night, but at least it was enough to complete the test.

Then Scot had additional tests done on Friday morning - a CT scan and a fiber optic camera in his nose and down his throat. Not too fun but it had to be done.

The diagnosis?

The doctor confirmed he has sleep apnea and he will need to have surgery to remove his large tonsils, correct his deviated septum, reconstruct his nasal cavities, and remove part of his palette.


The doctor said to plan for a minimum of 2-3 weeks off from work for recovery time (which may be partly unpaid, we're not sure)...and maybe longer depending on his progress.

We have talked to several people who have had these types of surgeries, and it will not be an easy one by any means. It may take a few months for Scot to get back to "normal" so we are trying to prepare ourselves for that possibility in the meantime.

Please keep us (especially him) in your prayers as we plan for Scot's upcoming surgery in July.

I pray all will go smoothly.

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