Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poetry night

Tonight was the annual Coffee Shop Poetry Night for Jacob's class at school. The classroom was covered with Christmas lights and turned into a coffee shop or French bistro. Hot chocolate and coffee was served in porcelain mugs. There was also brownies and cookies to enjoy while we listened to the kids recite their written poems from memory. Such a fun evening!

Jacob worked so hard on memorizing his poems this week. And he did a great job. Way to go, bud!

Jacob, Daniel and Aaron recite two poems, 'The Flag' and 'On Halloween,' by Shel Silverstein. Cool dudes!

Jacob recites his own poem, 'The Bald Eagle.'

Here's Jacob and Mrs. Reeves after the show...gotta love the wig and beret!!!

And Jacob and one of his best buds, Michael.

Here are the poems he wrote -

Living in cold places
The penguins slide on the ice.
They like to eat fish.

By: Jacob Cherry


Red, brown
Falling, turning, jumping
The changing leaves floating
to the ground

By: Jacob Cherry


Red is a crawling crab and Rudolph's nose and Red Lobster.
Red is the taste of sweet cherries.
Roses and fire are the smell of red.
Meeting new people makes me feel red.
Red is the sound of fire alarms and ringing bells.
Opening my red folder is red.
Red looks like markers.
Red is correcting pens.

By: Jacob Cherry

And my favorite -

The Bald Eagle
There is a bird so regal
It's name is the Bald Eagle.
When it catches a fish
It gets a good dish
By using it's sharp "beakle."

By: Jacob Cherry

Too cute. Maybe we have a rising poet on our hands after all.

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