Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tooth Fairy blues

Jacob lost his fourth tooth at school last Thursday. Mrs. Reeves gave him a little baggy to bring it home. He was so excited to see what the Tooth Fairy brought him on Friday morning.

Well.....that was the night of the big storm and tornado touch-down. Scot and I were so tired that we completely forgot to put a dollar in Jake's Tooth Fairy pillow. I didn't even know we forgot until Jake came and told me before school on Friday morning.

He was heartbroken. And let me tell you - I felt like the worst mother in the entire world!

After consulting with Scot a minute later, I told Jake the Tooth Fairy couldn't come because the weather was so bad that night. Without skipping a beat, Jake said, "Yeah, I think the Tooth Fairy is the same size as Tinkerbell so there's no way she could make it out in the thunderstorm and tornado. I bet she'll come by tonight."

And she did.

She brought $2 (an extra dollar for the wait) and a Star Wars figure (another treat). Jake was pretty excited the next morning so I think we made up for it.

It sure was a close call, though. Phew.

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