Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, I haven't posted much in awhile so thought I would give you a quick update on our fam...

Jacob is doing great in first grade - much better than kindergarten. His best friends are Daniel and Michael. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Reeves. She said he is improving on his reading skills and his attitude toward school work. The only thing we have to keep working on is his handwriting. He rushes to get all his work done quickly, which makes his handwriting look like a jumbled mess. So...we are constantly telling him to slow down and take his time doing his work. It's still a work in progress...

Brooklyn is a chatty, energetic 15 month old. She can say "mommy", "daddy" and "mo-mo" (for Elmo) so far, and she sure knows how to babble about anything and everything! She is fascinated with lights, fans and belly buttons. She loves to wear her necklaces and bracelets and carry my shoes and clothes around the house. Oh, and she loves to dance too! She's a little thing, weighing just 21.5 lbs. (Jake was almost 10 lbs. heavier at this age, so this is all new to me). And she has 12 teeth - which have definitely come in handy since she's eating us out of house and home!

Scot is working full-time at Community Health Systems and part-time with our Ebay business. He's been working like crazy so we can pay our bills and pay off all our debt. Thankfully, he doesn't work all hours every night, so it's always an added bonus on those nights when he can spend some time with me and the kids.

I'm enjoying staying home with the kids - between taking Jake to and from school, cleaning house, doing laundry (it never ends!), changing diapers, helping with homework, playing with the kids, cooking dinner, bathing kiddos and driving to and from Louisville once a month...I keep pretty busy most of the time. God is really teaching me how to be a true help-mate to my husband, which is what God has called us wives to be.

We are also having a blast leading our blended family small group on Tuesday nights. God is challenging us and teaching us so much - and it's been neat to become friends with everyone in the group along the way. We're thankful to have a support system there.

That about sums it up.

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