Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun weekend

On Saturday morning, we drove out to Rivergate. Scot went to the big sidewalk sale at the Great Escape for a few hours, while the kids and I hung out at the mall. We looked around at all the stores, ate lunch in the food court, then went to play in the play area. That was Brooklyn's first time in the play area and she loved it!!! She was determined to play with the big kids - in fact, she screamed every time I picked her up to move her out of the way. Her favorite thing was going down the slide on Jake's lap.

In the afternoon, we went to Walden Farm with our small group. There were 8 adults and 9 kids there - Jimmy and Jennifer and their 4 kids couldn't come. The kids enjoyed playing in the kiddie corn maze, picking out pumpkins, and petting the animals. We wanted to do a lot more, but that was all our budgets could allow. I don't think the kids minded, though.

After the pumpkin farm, we went over to Jason and Crystal's for dinner. We brought the pizza and they had the fixin's for smores. Scot and I had a blast. In fact, we lost track of time and ended up chatting until 12:30am! I don't know if we've ever done that with friends since we've been married. Fun times.

We went to early service on Sunday and then had a family picnic at Crockett Park for lunch. Grammy, Papa, Kris, Jennifer and the girls came. It was fun. We ate our grub and watched the kiddos run around and play. Jake played hide and seek with some older kids and Brooklyn was fascinated with the kiddie slide. She even climbed up the slide herself! (Not bad for a 10 month old, eh?) We ended our picnic by taking a long walk with Grammy and Papa, while Jake rode his scooter on the trail.

As you can tell, Jake is feeling much better now. He hasn't had any more night terrors since we've taken him off the pain meds - thank God! He is definitely acting more like himself again and we are so glad.

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