Apr 15, 2014

He Can Hear

Today was Connor's follow-up appointment with the audiologist and ENT. In case you don't remember, our last appointment was back in January when they told us he had mild to moderate hearing loss in the low frequency range. (You can see the full story here.) He didn't have any fluid in his ears, but there was a lot of pressure there which prevented him from hearing in that range and the specialists didn't know why.

I went into the doctor's office today thinking about the possibility of my son needing hearing aids for low frequency hearing loss, and I left with nothing but a good report. No fluid. No pressure. Just a busy two-year-old boy with perfect ears and right-on-target speech. (So much so that he doesn't even qualify for speech therapy because he talks and comprehends so much.)

He can hear. He can talk. He understands everything.

Something that we so easily take for granted with our children, but this mama is thanking God for His healing touch and Sovereign Hand today. Because hearing isn't something I take for granted anymore.

Apr 11, 2014

Spring Break

So, it's been awhile. Last week was the kids' spring break from school, and I think we're all still recovering. Everyone was feeling great (finally), so we jam-packed our week with all things fun!

Things on our to-do list:

(Including Flat Sara - the newest member of the family. Brooklyn's kindergarten class was doing a Flat Stanley project at school, so Flat Sara came along on all of our adventures that week.)

The Adventure Science Center.

At the end of the day, Flat Sara konked out!

Jumper's Playhouse with friends.

Playtime and sleepovers with friends - Michael, Josh and Chloe. 

Movie day at home.

(With a lot of Frozen and the new Tinkerbell movie Pirate Fairy mixed in.)

Video games.

Playtime outside.

A day with cousins. 

(We saw the Sky Bear puppet show at the library, had ice cream and play time at McDonald's, made a quick visit to the pet store and Dollar Tree, took a walk around the neighborhood - along with a Wii tournament, dance party and sleepover.)

Trip to Opry Mills.

And that, my friends, was how our spring break ended. Totally pooped but full of fun memories from our busy week!
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