May 13, 2015

Coffee Shop Poetry Night

Brooklyn's class had their end-of-the-year Poetry Night last week. The teacher turned the classroom into a coffee shop complete with Christmas lights, a coffee/hot chocolate station with real mugs and goodies for everyone. It was super crowded but such a fun night!

Brooklyn and her sweet friend Madi in their "beatnik" attire before the show:

(Brooklyn thought it was way cooler to wear a sparkly bow than a plain black beret, so the beret had to go. Ha!)

Brooklyn and Madi read "Spotter and Swatter" by Jack Prelutsky:

Brooklyn read the two poems she wrote, "Spring" and "The Clumsy Cardinal at Night":

This girl was in heaven. So proud of her!

We looked around at the Art Show in the lobby afterward.

Love this colorful clown Brooklyn made!

This girl and her daddy. A great night for all of us.

May 12, 2015

Athletic Banquet

The end of the school year is quickly upon us, and I can't seem to keep up! Jake's school athletic banquet was held last week. It was neat to celebrate with friends - and good ol' Jim N Nick's barbecue. So proud of the soccer team and all the work they've put in this year.

Especially some of these 7th grade soccer boys and all their shenanigans:

(Michael couldn't play this season because of his broken arm, but he was great at supporting the team.)

So proud of this goalie:

Even when he can't stand posing for pics with any parent these days. Ha!

I still love him anyway. :)

May 9, 2015

My Motherhood Journey

I have won and I have lost
I got it right sometimes
But sometimes I did not
Life's been a journey
I've seen joy, I've seen regret
Oh and You have been my God
Through all of it.

So, so true. This Mother's Day I'm celebrating my three special blessings and all the roles God's given me. Mouse kisser | couch snuggler | boo-boo fixer | storyteller | lullaby singer | homework helper | soccer mom | family scheduler | school events supporter | chauffeur-of-many-important-things | tween advice giver | cheesy jokester | Jesus freak | family health advocate | hairdresser | at-home nurse | housekeeper | laundry folder | disciplinarian | family chef | bath giver | prayer warrior | listener + encourager | hugger | unconditional lover | time giver | support-you-no-matter-what giver.

Even on those bad-attitude-go-to-the-corner kind of days. The times I've yelled, the exhaustion, the groans + complaints, the selfish heart, the regrets. God's been with me through it all, giving me new mercies and undeserved grace every single day.

Life isn't perfect. It isn't always rosy. But, I love my hubby and these kids with everything that I have and everything God's given me to give. And I'm so, so grateful to be a part of it.

Happy Mother's Day! I'm sure going to treasure mine.

April 22, 2015

Bathroom Makeover

As you all know, we've been busy fixing up our home to possibly get it ready to sell at some point in our future. (Whether we stay or go is entirely up to Him.) The room that needed the most help around here was our kids/guest bathroom. Like bright yellow walls/fluorescent lighting/nasty 20-year-old-mashed-down-carpet kind of help. I initially "decorated" it when we got married 10 years ago, using whatever fish-related-kid-theme stuff I had leftover from my apartment as a single mom, and that was it - until now.

Ten years of marriage and three kids later, we finally have a nice bathroom for the kids and guests to use and enjoy! (And one less room to vacuum too.)

Check out the before and after:

We kept the existing vanity to save money, but we just love this little space now!



A big thank you goes out to both sets of our parents. Between Easter money and time spent laying the tile floor + installing a new light fixture, we truly couldn't have done it without them. So thankful for our new-and-improved room!

paint | Behr Country Beige
light fixture | freebie from a friend
white shower curtain | Target
Moen satin nickel curved tension shower rod | Lowe's
shell canvas | Kirkland's (on sale for $10)
personalized bathroom hooks | DIY project
basket-weave tray | Homegoods
white flowers | Homegoods
clear plastic jars with lids | Target (clearance)
wire storage caddy | Homegoods
gray wicker tissue box cover | Homegoods
gray wicker trash can | Homegoods
gray rug | Kohl's

April 15, 2015

Soccer Season

Jacob joined the soccer team at school again this year - his 3rd year playing goalie on the team. Soccer practice started in February, the team played their first game in March. With 2-3 practices a week + 2-3 games a week - soccer season is well underway!

We're doing a lot of this:

Sometimes we're doing homework or watching movies in the car. Sometimes I'm chasing Connor around on the soccer field or cleaning mud off our shoes. Sometimes there's a couple little people using the little potty in the van. Sometimes I have a van-full of tween boys driving to the away games. Sometimes I feel like my van is actually a snack truck. Sometimes we "make-do" after school and just hang out at home. (One game got cancelled two days in a row this week from rain, so I served enough cookies, chicken nuggets and lemonade for an army. Really.)

One thing I know: Soccer season is crazy and busy. Full of last-minute changes in weather and scheduling. And a lot of running around. But, this kid loves it. Seeing his big smile and his determined spirit come to life on the field - it's worth all the time in the world. He's having a blast...muddy knees and all!

April 14, 2015

Two-Kid Baths

There are some nights here and there when we're tired and rushed - or, the little kids request it - and we put Brooklyn and Connor in the tub together. A two-kid bath.

Brooklyn is small at 7 and Connor is 3, so it still works for now. But, I know times are changing - one little boy is getting more and more curious about body parts (or lack thereof...ahem), so those special moments with my littles in the tub won't last long. But, they've sure enjoyed some fun times together. Some fun times I'll always remember...and I'm sure they will too.

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