November 16, 2015

Life Lately

Best (or worst) Halloween prank ever. Brooklyn saw this hand hanging out in the truck parked next to us at Publix and started crying, thinking there was a dead body in there...spooked us real good!

Connor's just one of the kids in the 2nd grade classroom when we come to visit.

What Connor likes to do all day, every day. Boys.

Connor has a "lucky day" every time he finds a penny on the street...or, when he gets a car cart at the store. Kroger's blue cars and Home Depot's car carts are his favorites. It's playtime every time we go grocery shopping. :)

Jake carried sleepy Connor into the school bathroom after dismissal one day. Best big brother ever.

Cousin time at the park after school.

Loving the new-to-us Craigslist table + chairs in our breakfast nook. Finishes off our farmhouse-style kitchen perfectly.

Patriotic day at school. Just look at these cuties!
Our neighbor had reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, so the kids helped out with her sweet dog Molly by walking her around the neighborhood.

Jacob's last middle school Homecoming Dance. (Sniff, sniff) It was a mad dash after school to get groceries, shop for a nice shirt (that fits), get a haircut, eat + shower + get there on time - whew, it was all worth it, though!

And that's what we're up to lately!

November 10, 2015

Family Hike

Sunday was a beautiful fall day, so we picked up the kids cousins Giselle + Keegan after church (Bella went somewhere else with her dad) and took off for Long Hunter State Park nearby - our favorite! The cousins had never been hiking before, so they loved experiencing it for the first time. We finished up at the playground before dusk...it was just a good, simple day.

November 2, 2015

Halloween // The Details

We had the best Halloween this year! (Worlds better than our last Halloween laden with a house full of scabies for a month. Whew.) It may have been dreary and rainy all night, but the kids had a blast trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood. We invited our friends the Damrons over and Jake invited his friend Michael. But, first up was pics.

Check out our spooky little people:

And their so-called silly faces (although they didn't move much):


Our scary witch:

Our spooky-but-totally-kissable skeleton:

And our McDonald's breakfast crew (ha!):

The little kid crew before heading out - Ethan + Chloe and Connor + Brooklyn:

We ordered pizza, and then everyone was off! Scot dropped Jake and Michael off at the front of the neighborhood, and they were out trick-or-treating for several hours. (Everyone loved their coordinating costumes, so much that some gave them full candy bars. Score!) Myles and Scot took the younger ones out the rest of the time, while Jenny and I stayed back and chatted, passed out candy + ate in peace and quiet - it was wonderful!

We finished off the evening with a dance party in the living room to see the kids' whip nae nae dance moves they all learned from school, and us adults couldn't stop laughing from all the craziness + sugar. Such a fun Halloween night with friends!
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